Sales Post

Hi guys I have all of these plush, kids, and marbles that I am trying to get rid of. You can click on the pic or here to go to the sales. I am open to haggling, but be reasonable

Sales and Auctions



  • I received sales permission from entirelycliched on 12/11/12, feedback can be found here
  • All community rules apply, so that means no snipping!
  • I ship from CO,USA
  • Items will be sent through first class mail, if you are in the U.S. than it will be mailed with delivery confirmation (No exceptions) 
  • Not responsible for lost packages
  • I accept paypal only
  • Not looking for trades right now
  • No haggling at the moment either
  • Will ship outside US (Haven't shipped things internationally before so it may take me so time to give you a quote )
  • Fees and shipping materials are added to the shipping price
  • Will do holds for 24 hours 
  • If you ask for a quote please reply as soon as possible or else I will move on to the next person
  • When asking for a quote please leave your zip code (If in the U.S.), or country.

Auctions Info
  • Large plushies will be sent out in large boxes
  • I don't have any boxes at the moment but I will use boxes from the restaurant I work at (I will inspect the boxes to make sure that they aren't stained or smell so the plushies can arrive to you safely)
  • Payment from auctions is expected 24 hours after I give you your total or else negative feedback will be left


All of the plush in this picture are in good condition and have both tush tags and hang tags. Tags aren't in mint condition so they may have some creases, if you are want to know more about the condition of the plush or tag feel free to leave me a question.

Banpresto Empoleon Plush: Sold
Banpresto Galla Plush: $25
Toy Factory Pikachu: $5
Banpresto Lickilicky plush $25
Banpresto Staraptor plush: $20
Plushies in this picture are in good condition, they have their tush tag but no hangtags.

Banpresto Roserade Plush: $15
Hasbro Minun Beanie: $10
Banpresto Mesprit Plush: $10
Hasbro Torchic plush: $5
Banpresto Skymin plush: $10

Talking Turtuwig Plush: $20

Has some small stains but it is still talks and in good condition
Will be sent without batteries

Collapse )

DX Shiny Banpresto Empoleon plush
  • Empoleon is in good condition
  • Has both hang tag and tush tag
  • Auction start at $40

DX Shiny Banpresto Infernape plush
  • Empoleon is in Good Condition
  • Only has hang tag
  • Auction starts at $35

Croagunk Pokedoll
  • Croagunk is in good condtion
  • Only has tush tag
  • Auction starts at $45

Large Lating Down Mime jr. Plush
  • Plush is in good condition
  • Has both hang tag and tush tag
  • Auction starts at $30